“You will have a baby!” sculpture on the 9th Kramskogo str., Kiev

The new sculpture “You will have a baby!” has been installed in March 2013 in one of the residential districts of Kiev – in Swyatoshino. The master is well-known young sculptor Dmitriy Iv, which is also popular due to his sculpture “The kiss” in Kharkov and “Camomile” in Kiev’s Dniprovskiy district. The art work was commissioned by medical company Ilaya (www.ilaya.ua) and now is situated on the 9th Ivana Kramskogo Street.

The work symbolizes popular belief, which is often told to children, that the parents usually find their child in a cabbage. In the beginning sculptor Dmitriy Iv had made interior version, later the art piece almost without changes was reproduced in the bigger size (up to 1,7 m height) for the public space in front of medical center. Now, there is a legend among the locals: if one will touch sweet-sleeping baby – will for sure become a parent at the nearest.