"True love story (Luigi & Mokrina )", Khreschatiy park, Kiev

Right before Victory Celebration day of 2013  Kiev Fashion Park has opened new and quite outstanding sculpture with the eloquent name  «True love story». The piece of art is devoted to the love and faithfulness of Ukrainian woman Mokrina and Italian man Luigi, who had met each other  during the Second World War in Austria, lost each other, but managed to keep their true feelings through the years.   And 60 years later they finally met due to the popular TV show  «Wait for me  / Жди меня».  

Nowadays the holding couple is solidified in the main city park – Khreschatiy, near the bridge of “In-loved”. It was created by the Kiev sculptors Alexandr Morgatskiy and Grigoriy Kostukov.

Everyone can make a photo with the sculpture and place it with the haschtag  #vichnalubov (which is “forever love” in Russian)  on the special website vichnalubov.inter.ua. Probably in that case with the true life-love-story the feelings will live forever.