Taras Shevchenko Park, Kiev

How to get there



Ironic and cozy “Babtsya Klasychna” by Anna Kiselova has been installed in the central park of Kiev – Taras Shevchenko Park. Actually the work is a symbol of classical former USSR granny of 80`s. The patron gifted “Babtsya Klasychna” to the city is a trade mark “Zhmenka”. And it is the first case in KFP history when such a gift was done by the brand name.

« “We hope that this excellent initiative will be followed by other major companies” - says the founder of KFP Alexander Sokolovskiy –“ I am glad that in our country more and more successful companies and people do understand the meaning and true value of the positive emotions and social responsibility”.

Despite the fact that "Babtsya" was installed in August 2011, it has already become a kind of talisman and has its own legends. People say if the students put their record-books to her bag they will successfully pass the exams. And another legend: if one sits down next to her on the bench – all the next day he will be in luck. Everyone can check whether it is true or not by visiting the granny sculpture in Kiev Shevchenko Park. But, no doubt, "Babtsya" has already won the sympathy prize of citizens.