The gift to Lvov city

In September 2012 Kiev Fashion Park project and Ukrainian magazine Focus have given the real sculpture to Lvov city as the present to the best city in Ukraine. Contemporary sculpture "The Winner", made by the sculptor Basil Tatarsky, can be seen now on the territory of city Culture Park by B.Khmelnitskiy in Lvov.

For the first time in the history of the annual ranking contest “the best city to live in Ukraine” a piece of art has been donated. The great result of cooperation of public art project and famous weekly magazine has provided a new little sightseeing to the city.

The poll “the best city to live in Ukraine” was hold by the magazine Focus among Internet users in July-August 2012. As a result, Lvov won with 3 889 votes, having abandoned Kiev, Odessa and a hundred other Ukrainian cities.

The gift to Lvov city from FOCUS magazine and Kiev Fashion Park