Babka with kravchuchka" , Rusanovskaya Naberezhnaya , Kiev

In August 2013 within the framework of project KIEV FASHION PARK in a park area of Rusanovskaya Naberezhnaya ( opposite to supermarket "Furshet" ) took place the opening of new Anna Kiseleva's street-art object "Babka with kravchuchka". "Babki" - is a series of author's living, ironical and tender-hearted sculptural objects, that are easily fit in urban milieu and in the hearts of the citizens. The first object was fixed up in Taras Shevchenko Park in 2011. Vivid and deep in colour "Babka" that installed on Rusanovskaya Naberezhnaya, performed in a pose of Fatherland defender, who's "kravchuchka" with a headless duck could easily be a gun. Though peace time dictate it's own adjustments in social realm, even so it is unable to change the invincible nature of the character. Author is sure that interesting, long and happy life awaits for her "Babka" . 
Gift to Kiev from Vadim Pereversev, Yuri Tyra, Stephen Kazanin, Eugene Koshevoy, Yuri Koryavchenkov,  «ELTRINO» Inc.