You can make Kiev interesting, magnificent and attractive city for residents and visitors. Art installations, sculptures, art objects and land art inside the alive urban net give thrills, new visual impressions and develop creative thinking of adults and children.

We sincerely hope that Kiev Fashion Park activity will improve the quality of Kiev’s recreation zone, improve the tourist attractiveness of the city, and set the examples of public space care.

Every virtual art idea can be implemented into reality with the help of a person or organization and be gifted to the city. Also it can receive a special PR support and a nameplate with a work title, artist’s name and philanthropist’s name. By sponsoring the carefully selected art objects, a patron actually takes part in creation of future appearance of the city. The project also supports the contemporary art development in Ukraine and promotes social activity of the business. So all the sculptures, benches and installations being sponsored once continue working for people and good patrons' name for a very long time.

The first Ukrainian park of modern sculpture and installation KFP has elected its Expert Council Board to provide high level of its projects selection and ensure positive social impact of art objects to be installed. In KFP Expert Council the leading professional art experts are involved: architects, art historians, eminent sculptors and painters, art critics, specialists able to assess the art and social significance of a project.


See more ideas of art-objects you can here. In case you are interested, KFP team invites you for a meeting to show the rest of interesting and trilling art ideas